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Good oral hygiene is an essential part of orthodontic treatment. We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day especially after a big meal. The use  of interdental brushes can also help remove  food and dental plaque effectively.


Certain foods have the tendency to break or damage your braces.

Please avoid:

  • Hard and sticky foods like apples, nuts, chips, popcorn, gum

  • Chewing with the front teeth 

  • Poking wire 

        Please place orthodontic wax and               contact the office.                


  • Broken bracket

        Please contact us to make an                       appointment. Meanwhile, in case

        of discomfort place some                               orthodontic wax.

  • Discomfort                                           The first 2-3 days after bonding braces or changing the wires a mild discomfort may occur. If it persists please contact the office. 

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